DHCP still assigning an IP after setting a static address on the Raspberry Pi

I just picked up a new raspberry pi 3 and ran into a weird problem: after I assigned a static IP to eth0, eth0 was assigned »

Setting up Let's Encrypt on docker-gitlab

First, let me say that Let's Encrypt is just fucking awesome. It took me all of 30 minutes to replace my old self-signed cert with a »

Keybase.io is awesome and you should use it

Keybase.io is a great way to start using crypto and associate your public key with your identity. Albeit, you don't want to upload your private »

My blog now gets an A+ on SSL Labs

Woohoo! Since it's was way more of a pain than it should be, I figured I'd brag a little bit. Since Ubuntu 14.04 still ships »

Thoughts on the Chrysler hack

As everyone seems to have heard, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek recently demo'd their remote vehicle hack on a Jeep Cherokee (Link) and will be presenting »

Accidental Ownage -- Exploiting forgotten services

A funny thing happened to me the other day. I was setting up a new web server on a VPS. Actually it was this web server. »


Exciting Update: All of us that worked on this project got a paper published in the 2013 Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Education Conference (IEDEC). Link to paper: »

TetraQuark - A Multithreaded, Real Time Kernel for ARM Cortex M3

TetraQuark was the name I gave to a multithreaded preemptive real time kernel I wrote in my EGR 424 class at GVSU. It's in (and will »