TetraQuark was the name I gave to a multithreaded preemptive real time kernel I wrote in my EGR 424 class at GVSU. It's in (and will likely remain in) very early alpha development.

The kernel is currently written specifically for the Texas Instruments LM3S6965 chip. This chip uses the ARM Cortex M3 instruction set. I used the development kit for this chip for developing the kernel. Some parts of the kernel still rely on some code from TI (StellarisWare), which is one thing I would like to change.

The kernel is written in C using the CodeSourcery G++ toolchain. There are also a few places were some assembly is used.

It currently uses a round robin style scheduling mechanism, but I'm hoping to change that in the future also.

The code is up on github so go check it out:

Link to github